Oh to be in the studio playing with clay, making stuff………………………for now this site is a walk down memory lane, reminding me of what I have already accomplished. It will also act as resource for myself of people and other resources I have used in the past.

Working with mud, whether indoors or out, is good for the soul. Outdoors we grow vegetables and fruit that fill our bellies and flowers to embellish our home. Indoors we make things to contain those yummy things we grow outdoors, or those beautiful flowers that make our homes scented and colorful. It’s all good. It is good to be counted among those who enjoy playing in the mud, being creative and resourceful.

Clay has brought much to my life, new friends, new experiences, it has taken me to places I had never dreamed of going, it has given me lessons in history and culture through the ages, carried me through difficult times, and given me a way to create gifts for my family and friends.

As you peruse this site you will see that a lot of time has been dedicated to developing glazes that embellish my work. It started with a collection of ^10 reduction glazes, but when I lost access to a gas kiln there was a necessity to convert the glazes to ^6 oxidation. With the challenges of daily life it has taken a bit longer than I would have liked, but much progress has been made. Glaze development will continue to be the core of my work. It will be fun to broaden the palette and use the glazes to decorate everyday functional wear that will embellish the lives of my family and friends.

Enjoy,     signature1

P.S. Forgive the photography, in time it will improve with time.